Midnight Commander Shortcuts

Common Functions

Ctrl + r -- Refresh active panel
Ctrl + t -- Mark single file
Ctrl + x c -- Opens chmod dialog for marked file
Ctrl + x o -- Opens chown dialog for marked file
Alt + ? -- Opens search dialog
Ctrl-x a -- Open VFS list. If a ftp session times out, you can use this to free the open vfs so you can log in again.


Panel Functions

TAB -- Switch focus between left and right panel
Insert -- Marks or removes mark on file(s)

Alt + F1..F12 (opens dialog for F1..F12 menu)

Alt + g -- Marks first file or directory in active panel
Alt + r -- Marks middle file or directory in active panel
Alt + j -- Marks last file or directory in active panel
Alt + s -- Incremental search
Ctrl + / -- Look for filename given in last line of active panel (not whole screen), and jumps on first file
* (Asterisk) -- Marks removes marking for all files in active panel (not directories)
+ (Plus) -- Brings up the input box where it can be given regular expression. All files with names that fill condition(s) in regular expression will be marked.
\ (Backslash) -- Remove marking for more data (opposite to + )


Shell Functions

Alt + Enter -- Copies selected filename in command line
Ctrl + Shft + Enter -- Copies full path of selected file in the command line
Alt + H -- Shows command line history


Function Keys

F1 -- Help
F2 -- Opens user menu
F3 -- View selected file content
F4 -- Opens file in internal text editor
F5 -- Copies selected file. Default is to another panel, but it asks first.
F6 -- Moving file. Default is to another panel, but it asks first.
F7 -- Make directory.
F8 -- Delete file or directory.
F9 -- Opens main menu at the top of the screen.
F10 -- Ends current action; editor, viewer, dialog window or ends mc program.


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