Rules for submitting tickets

These simple steps will help you avoid misunderstanding in getting support

1. Prior to submitting a ticket regarding an issue, it is quite possible that your question has already be answered on the Knowledge Base (in Support portal) or Wikis.
Support can take up to 48 hrs during busy periods to answer your query, but using the Knowledge Base & Wikis may bring you the answer right now.

2. When submitting a ticket please include all necessary information such as:

  • Your login name
  • The domain name(s) that you are having issues with
  • The exact issue you are having, for instance if you cannot connect a server please specify the exact error and paste the logs into the ticket if possible.

Sometimes we're receiving tickets like, "URGENT!!!!! my site is down!!!! Do something!!!"

We can't solve such a problem 'cause no information is provided. How would we know what your domain name has a problem, we host thousands of websites.


Missing crucial information is required for us to diagnose your problem and the faster you provide it, the faster we can help you.

Submitting the above information accurately will allow us to quickly assist you since we do not have to reply back asking for the information etc.

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