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ISP Manager features overview

Main Features

FTP accounts     - create and manage FTP accounts.

Domain names     - manage Domain Name System (DNS).


World Wide Web

WWW domains     - manage all domains belonging to WWW server.

Redirects    - manage URL redirects.

Error pages    - create an automatic error page to give a professional look for your website.

MIME types    - create and manage MIME types that informs the browser about how to handle file extensions.

WWW Logs    - view WWW server log files.

Protecting a directory    - enable password protection to limit your web site pages access.

SSL certificates - enables secure SSL access and manage your server keys.

Perl modules    - install and use additional Perl modules.



Mailboxes    - configure mailboxes on the system using single web interface.

E-Mail groups    - create and manage mail groups. A mail group is a list of several e-mail accounts that are grouped together under one e-mail address (support, sales etc).

E-Mail redirects     - create mail redirects and redirect email easily from one address to another.

E-mail auto-responders     - set automatic answers for email accounts, create auto-responders and vacation messages.

Mail domains     - manage mail domains settings.

Mailing lists    - create and manage mail lists.

Greylisting  - set up White lists in greylisting.


Management Tools

File manager    - access all files on server's file system.

Databases     - manage multiple MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, users, access permissions, etc.

Scheduler (cron)     - customize the scheduler job tasks.

Support center   - trouble ticket system guarantees your customers personalized 24x7 professional support. Resellers can obtain technical support contacting Administrators.

Web scripts   - install popular web-scripts on the server.



Backup archives    - manage created backups.

Backup plans    - various plans can be created to perform a backup of the server data.

Import user    - move a user data between ISPmanager based servers.



Usage statistics    - track resources allocated to the server.

Disk usage    - monitor disk space occupied.

Bandwidth    - monitor traffic on a per date and per service basis.


Other Settings

IP-addresses   - manage server IP-addresses.

Logs rotation    - manage log files rotation of a WWW server and process the statistics collected.

Favourites     - manage favourites items to facilitate using the control panel.

Control panel settings    - customize the ISPmanager interface.


Extra Applications

PhpMyAdmin    - software tool ideal for managing MySQL databases.

PhpPgAdmin    - web-based administration utility for a PostgreSQL database server.

WebMail -    - web-based interface for accessing email, receiving and sending email messages



Help    - switch to the ISPmanager documentation page.

Tutorials    - view video-tutorials to learn how to work in the ISPmanager modules.

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